Welcome to Parkside Poultry

I am a Bantam Chicken and Quail breeder with over 20 years experience.           Parkside Poultry is run from my home in Aldershot, Hampshire.  
In 2013 I wrote Practical Quail Keeping , which to date is still a best seller on Amazon in its category.

Parkside Poultry began around 20 years ago when I bought my first selection of large fowl chickens from the New Forest. Since then I have kept and hatched many types of poultry, from the tiny Chinese Painted Quail to an Emu!

I currently keep Pekin Bantams, Malaysian Serama and Coturnix Quail, all in many different colours.  Occasionally, there are other breeds for sale, but the ones mentioned are my current main residents. I am passionate about what I do and about the standard of care that  my birds receive.  

I believe that happy birds are healthy birds and so, I ensure that they have clean,  well maintained coops and eat the highest quality feed.

I’m always happy to offer support and guidance to my customers, whether you are a total beginner looking to start in the hobby, or you are a more experienced keeper and just want a general chat.

Please visit my shop where, other than birds and eggs, I sell bedding, feed and sundries.